What might be a nice resource

You know what might be a really nice resource?

If Lit and Latte had maybe links somewhere on the main site to places where we could download nice “paper” textures to apply to Scrivener’s Main Editor background. That would be really cool! It’s such a nice, little, often overlooked feature that nobody ever pays attention to, but it is really neat that you can do that. But, try as I might with Google Images, it’s almost impossible to find good “paper” textures that tile well in the Editor. It would be nice to have a resource for paper textures that are certified to work well with the feature.


You know, I’ve had an historically hard time finding a paper texture I like. Much of the stuff out there is far too heavy, decorative, or just completely fails to capture what paper looks like on a desk—rather more what it might look like if it were the surface of the moon. I once gave up and scanned a sheet of cotton typing paper; gorgeous stuff in the flesh, maybe only a 3 out of 10 in terms of what I’d like to be typing on day in and day out though.

Well, as a starting point, some of these aren’t bad for typing on, I would imagine. I’d want to throw some pretty heavy curves and saturation drops at them though.

Or how about these set-back textures from Subtle Patterns?

toptal.com/designers/subtle … s/?s=paper