What options do I have when using tables with MMD - Latex

I am just getting to grips with using Scrivener, writing in MMD and exporting to Latex. Very smart. However I am finding I am hitting the limits of MMD’s table layout options, and I would like to use Latex’s much more customisable options.

So far I have the Latex code for my table, and I can escape that () which works great (i.e. nice looking table in Latex), however my scrivener/MMD links e.g. [][fig:sample_figure] now no longer work…how can I make them work? Would I have to replace with escaped Latex code? Or can I use an alternative method?

I can use escaped Latex code such as [code]

[/code] - but the Figure is not part of the link. Are there other options - I would rather be consistent throughout my Scrivener file…

This issue has bit me as well - I don’t have a great solution for it - only a horribly clunky one:

  1. Set out basic table using MMD in Scrivener.

  2. Compile to Latex.

  3. Tweak table in TeXShop until it typesets beautifully.

  4. Copy the beautified Latex and paste it into the notes pane of the relevant Scrivener document.

  5. The next time I need to compile the document because of software amends (say) I compile the MMD to Latex then paste my beautiful table back in.

Like I said, clunky, but it does have the benefit of keeping all the cross-referencing working.

Thanks for the reply. I can see how that works, it depends on how many tables I end up with as to how practical it will get though…will have to experiment.