What part of Script am I not getting?

I have the Script template, up.

I have a Title Page & I have Scene, but what is the point of a template? If it is just to show me what it is supposed to look like, how is that different from a .jpg I can find online?

Is there a shortcut I am missing?

Please forgive me for being dense, I am trying to help a person with script, but no computer experience, while I have blogging experience, but not script!

The script document template is different from regular documents in that it has a set of more-or-less automated styles which make screenplay writing easier. The pop-up list is in the bottom right of the document frame, where word count etc. would normally be. Pressing shift-cmd-Y brings it up and you can select which ever one you want. Scriv also takes a guess at what the next one should be (for instance the ‘dialogue’ style after the ‘character’ name style), and hitting Tab and Return will shuttle through other likely contenders.

You can tweak all this stuff in the Format>Scriptwriting> submenu. One thing to note; the styles aren’t dynamic. That is, if you change the style it won’t do anything to the text already in that style. It only works for subsequent text.

Found it! In the manual. Now I get it, please excuse my frustration…

Well, I am not insane; I had to Turn On the Scriptwriting mode under the Format menu, and everything appeared and worked great. Once the checkmark appears next to “Script Mode - Screenplay” it was the awesome Scrivener I know… and hope to get my brother to love.

But I did go through everything; help files, etc, never saw anything that said I had to turn that on, at least not in sequence.

In case this helps someone else, wanted you to know…

That’s how it’s always worked - as Scrivener isn’t only for scriptwriting, it makes sense that you have to turn that on, otherwise lots of prose writers would be very confused. :slight_smile: