What should I do? Conflict with the ipad?

Hi, I used to save my projects here: dropbox/apps/scrivener as it was recommended for synching between my Imc and the Ipad. Now, with Scrivener3 I get this message:
The project “La construcción del médico dec 2017.scriv” is stored inside its own automatic backups folder. This could potentially result in data loss in the event of an automatic backup trying to overwrite the current project file. It is therefore strongly recommended that you close the project and move it to a different location.

So, I moved it to another location but then the Ipad had a conflict synching! So, please tell me where should I store the project so that it can work on both places.

Leave the project where it was. Change the automatic backup location, which you can do in the Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups pane.


Hi, I had the same question. Thank you for the answer about moving the backup location. But I have a further question – what should I make as my backup location if dropbox is not an option?
Thank you.

It is possible to have the backups in the Dropbox folder, but not where you have your projects. You have to create a different folder.
But having everything in Dropbox is a bit dangerous, if Dropbox suddenly disappears. You should always have a backup of your Mac somewhere, and the easiest is to use Time Machine. The backups, if you save them as zip files, can be saved on your iCloud Drive.

Thank you for your help. I am not a newbie to Scrivener, but I have never been good with the different ways of storing documents and projects. So, are you saying that my backup location for my Scrivener project should be directly on my Mac? (i.e. Documents/Scrivener ??) I have never used TimeMachine… I have an external drive where I save projects and files.

It can basically be anywhere, except in the same folder where you have your projects.

A friendly advice. Learn about storage, different cloud services, etc, and use Time Machine. I guess you don’t save to your external HD every hour? An external HD with wifi, like Western Digital’s MyBook, can be used with Time Machine, and TM saves every now and the, throughout the day, without you hardly noticing. So if your computer suddenly dies, everything you were working with is safe.

Thank you for your advice and for your help. I definitely need to learn more about how my documents are stored. Based on this conversation with you, I’m not even sure that my Scrivener projects are stored on anywhere on my computer at all – only on dropbox (not good!). My external is not one that I update very often. I will check into your suggestions. Again, thank you for your help.

If you had your Mac syncing with your iPad successfully before your upgrade, then your projects ARE stored on your Mac.

The way it works is this:

  1. You create or update your Mac Scrivener project. That project is physically stored ON YOUR MAC, in a folder that happens to be named “Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener”.
  2. Meanwhile, your Mac Dropbox app is waiting patiently for anything - Anything! - to be changed inside the folder named Dropbox on your Mac.
  3. When your project is saved or changed in that folder on your Mac, the alert Dropbox app copies the changes as fast as it can to your folder on its own server, which is also named Apps/Scrivener.
  4. When Scrivener iOS opens, it asks the Dropbox server to please give it all the changes from Apps/Scrivener in your account.
  5. iOS Scrivener then changes the copy of your project on your iPad or iPhone to match that on the Dropbox server.
  6. When you close your project on your iPad/iPhone, the process is reversed.

So, you not only have a copy on your disk, you also have a copy on your iPad/iPhone and a copy on the Dropbox server. In a perfect world, all these would be exactly the same all the time. Sadly, the world is not perfect, nor am I. Keeping a backup OUTSIDE Dropbox (where all those eager little robots can’t get at it) is a failsafe measure if the communications drop out among the three machines, or (who, me?) I mess up.

When I try to backup or sync to my Seagate drive, I get error msg saying cannot create Zipfile. It will backup to Dropbox, but not to Seagate.