What Template, Styles, etc. for a "for dummies"-style non-fiction project in Scrivener 3 (Windows)

I am considering using Scrivener to write a software guide in something like a “for dummies” style - not a slavish, stylistic copy but still a gentle, pleasing to read yet thorough and consistent design.

I have been using Scrivener for fiction writing for a while and Scrivener 3 off-and-on for the same, so I am not entirely unfamiliar with it, but I do consider myself rather inexperienced.

My wide open question is: what’s the best approach to setting things up for this type of project, and/or are there any examples?

I have consulted the manual for help, and it does help, but I haven’t found the specific answer I was looking for,

All I can say, apart from the general thrust of the project is that (I can’t for the life of me work out how the bulleted item works in this editor)

  • A quick glance at the non-fiction templates hasn’t helped, except to say I don’t think I want to be using LaTeX.
  • I will want to include a lot of screen resolution colour screenshots
  • I will probably want to publish as epub & print - and assume that different compile options will deal with different output choices - right?

What would you recommend?

PS The software is being constantly updated at the moment - I would also very much like to know how I could manage content to identify specific software versions and compile for specific versions/versions ranges, i.e. to keep track of old info but to supersede it for the published version.