What to include in backups -- let me choose!

I think it would be useful if I could choose what to include in my backups.

I really err on the side of caution with my backups. I backup everyday and keep them all and eventually burn to disc (I also like to look back on them to see how far my ideas diverged from the original ideas - funny and useful!).

I write fiction books but I like the graphics capabilities of Scrivener and import quite a lot of pics into my projects that I view in a split frame while writing (photos I’ve taken of people that remind me of my characters, rooms, landscapes etc). I also do a lot of development. I like to keep in keep it all in one place and that is one of the best things about Scrivener for me.

BUT this makes my back up folders pretty hefty and I don’t really need to back up all these graphics and dev files every time. So if I had radio buttons to omit/include certain folders/file types that would be a big help for me.

Thanks for a great product anyway as it really did change the way I write – for the better of course :wink:

We have considered a more granular approach to backups, but ultimately it just over-complicates the problem and produces a result that couldn’t easily be restored. There is currently already a feature for excluding an entire project from backups in the File/Back Up/ sub-menu. So what some people do is keep their text in one project and their research in another. This doesn’t work for everyone, as some people tightly integrate research with working material. So for that we have plans to implement some kind of linking so you can effectively import as much research material as you want without actually having it inside the project file, keeping backups tidy. You’d have all the capabilities you do now, but without the bulk.

I guess you mean in the way that MS Word does with the Link to File rather than embedding the actual file. Then, as long as the link is not broken, any changes to the image outside of Scrivener are reflected? That sounds ideal!

Yes, that’s the idea, although you can already link images into the editor instead of embedding them. There is a command for that: Edit/Insert/Image Linked to File…. What I was referring to was linking PDF and audio/visual files in the Binder.