What to when a word is typed, corrected, the Scrivener tries to go back to the wrong spelling?

I am afraid I am not sure what this feature is, so I am not sure how to search these topics. Apologies in advance.

I often mistype words when writing new material. I correct them. Then, as I edit, if my cursor passes that word, Scrivener pops up a small menu with the previous, mistaken spelling. I have to stop and “get out” of that suggestion before I can continue. It often replaced the typo.

It’s driving me nuts.

I cannot figure out how to turn this off. Help? Turning off auto-correct did not help.


I don’t think this is a Scrivener, but a Mac OS issue. This autocorrect demon turns up in other programs even when autocorrect is turned off. It loves to chomp on proper names no matter what you do.