What tokens are availale for use and where are they defined?

Is there a list of all the tokens used b Scrivener?


Is there a token for a sequential number that is automatically incremented each time I make changes to my manuscript?

  • CDM

The Placeholder Tags List, in the Scrivener Help menu, should give you the list you want, but I don’t know of a specific tag that will increment each time you change your manuscript.

Given how the program is designed, such a number would probably be meaningless. The software saves whenever you pause for two seconds, which for most people means all of the time. You’d rack up dozens of “revisions” in a single session.

There is a <$revision> placeholder code by the way, but it is hinged upon something you yourself have control over: Snapshots. If a want to print a revision number at the top of the manuscript, just put that bit of information alone with the token in a file, and whenever you want to increment the revision number, take a snapshot of the document. It adds up the Snapshots for that section and adds one, when printing. For a single-purpose use like this though, it might be easier to just type in the new number yourself though. :wink:

Thanks. Looks like I’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way - manually :slight_smile: