What Version of MMD will be in the release?

I ask because the latest beta seems to have 5.4, but other things I’ve read on the forums make me think that the release will have version 6.

I’m trying to set up a compile using mmd to latex, in anticipation of the release, or the first beta that actually will do the compile, and I’m not sure whether to use tags or `` .

Since the html comment tags haven’t been compiling well for me, I’d like to know if it’s worth it debugging that, or if they are really a thing of the past.

Right now I’m getting $<$!-- in the .tex file and \textbackslash{} where there should just be a backslash, and other stuff, all of which I would suspect is related to “<!–” not compiling correctly. This is all on a manuscript and compile format that once worked perfectly fine in the beta.

Hi Ken, the latest version has v6.4. Still Scrivener allows you to use a custom mmd version.

The order of detection is as follows:

  1. If it is within your PATH variable,
  2. If it is within Program Files default MMD installation folder
  3. If it is within Program Files (x86) default MMD installation folder
  4. Scrivener bundled mmd executable(currently v6.4)

Still MMD has many items for improvement in Scrivener at the moment.


That led me to realize I had done something so stupid I’m not going to say what it was…

I’ve been there as well. :slight_smile: