What will you do with Scrivener for IOS that you couldn't do before?

And now you can. Full screen text with external keyboard. (Regular Apple BT, the one that comes with iMac’s, has very good ergonomy in relation to weight/size - it’s like writing on a good laptop keyboard.)

Given the nature of the research I’m doing, I can’t give up a Mac. I need to make notes in PDF’s and be able to search through all their text for keywords. A few months ago I purchased a 13 inch Macbook Pro from eBay and it really does the job well. For me, the advantage of iOS is that if I don’t have my laptop, I can at least make basic edits to the files and add ideas that can sync. To be able to edit pre-existing files that sync back to the original makes the app worth $20.

I use Papers3 for that, on my iPad Pro. But the Mac is better for serious writing (I don’t have an external keyboard for the iPad, no need when I have an MBP).

I had the same experience as Katherine at a two-week conference this month. I brought my MacBook Pro retina and my old iPad mini retina mostly as a just-in-case backup. Wound up using the mini by far the most, both for reading (it was a writer’s conference where we were reading lots of stories) and, with the help of my cheap little refurb Logitech keys to go keyboard, for writing. I used the iOScrivener beta. Reading was much handier on the iPad, of course but even the writing was fine, and the battery life much better. When I got home, per Ahab, I traded in the mini and also used a coupon and a sale to bag a new 9.7" iPad Pro 128 GB for $400US. I’m using it now with my old Apple BT keyboard and incase origami case. Thanks to the new Scrivener app and iOS 9 and soon 10, and the gorgeous screen on the new pro, I expect this to become my primary writing system. I much prefer writing with it to my MacBook Pro. And Apple should be paying Keith a bounty for all the new iPads it’s going to sell!

Hopefully, work on my essays, and study generally, during very long 1.5 hour commutes on public transit to my university (and not have to carry my big old 7-year-old MacBook around).

I have a belkin Bluetooth keyboard/iPod setup.

good point. I’ve used the iPad Pro on my train commute (thankfully much shorter than yours!), and it’s definitely wieldier than my MBP – especially on those days when I have to stand rather than sit. Of course then I use it for reading, not writing.