What work are you most proud of?

I know there are many different writers here, some writing novels, scripts, comic books (thinking of you antony) and other dramatic works, others writing academic papers, thesis, some journalists etc. I also assume there is a fair mix between published and unpublished, those writing just for their own pleasure and those who write as their job.

Anyway, this question is thrown open to everyone to answer, at no risk of being judged because it is less impressive than someone else’s, or not what everyone else writes, etc.

My question:
Which piece of work (novel, article, paper, script, etc.) are you most proud of, and why?


Mine is actually a song that a friend and I wrote in college (way before Scrivener’s time! :slight_smile:

It wasn’t anything special, but it was ours. Bought a 4 track and recorded it in a combination of my bedroom and bathroom (trying to change the acoustics).

I think the thing that made it more meaningful for me was that 2 years prior I had answered one of my college admission essays by writing that the thing I most wanted to create was a song.

It then came back when a copy of the song that I had given to a friend got passed around a little, and someone I never knew had heard it told me that he enjoyed listening to it, and had actually listened a good bit.

That song still pops up on my itunes playlists every once in a while, and it’s always neat to hear it again…


I write other things besides comics, too :wink: But my answer to this question is always the same, and the same as many other authors: “Whatever I wrote last.”

It has to be. If whatever you wrote last isn’t your favourite, then you’ve stagnated. If you think what you wrote last week isn’t as good as what you wrote last year, you’re in trouble.

Whether or not it’s actually true is irrelevant (as is whether or not you can look back on an old piece of work and still like it). You have to believe that you’re improving all the time. Otherwise, why bother?

Hmmm… As a master of no trade what so ever, I frequently find that my “best work” is my first. I think this is because it is “inspired” while follow up work is … well, work.

The one thing that I have “created” (not a sentient being) to date, that I would like to be remembered for is an altar for a local church. Several groups had ideas, but they were very traditional in a non-traditional sanctuary and looked awful in mockup. I went more “artsy” and it looks like it was made by someone who actually designs and builds custom furniture for a living. It fits with the original structural design of the facility and matches preexisting custom pieces. I followed it up with a table for the on stage seating which also turned out wonderful, but it is much less inspired and I am not a thrilled by it.

I am still waiting to see how this scribbling that I am currently doing turns out. I think it might surpass the table, but I like to set low expectations. Makes it harder to really fail if your goal is reasonable. I feel inspired, and initial editorial reads (intended audience) indicate that I am winning there. It is certainly the best thing that I have written. According to my daughter it is the only thing that I have written that is readable by non-mechanized life. She is a real piece of work.

My dissertation, hands down. Because it was the most agonizing, grueling, obstacle-ridden process I’ve ever gone through–years of it! While I have loved some of my other projects, other things I’ve done and written, none of them took as much persistence and pure stubbornness and will power to complete as the dissertation!


I’ve written many books, but by far my best work are my two sons. Minimal effort, excellent results!

Ditto Antony’s

“whatever wrote last.”