What would I do without Scrivener?

I am a freelance writer and recently won my first book ghostwriting job. I’ve written books of my own so the writing of a large project is not daunting for me. However, making someone elses ‘scribblings’ into coherent prose did feel like a bit of a challenge.

However, quite by chance, I discovered Scrivener at the same time that I won this job. Now well into it, I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without it. Scrivener is absolutely fantastic. I’m ploughing through the work, everything is being kept nicely in order - and backed up, and - perhaps most importantly - my client thinks I’m a wizard!

Sure there are a few little issues - Keith knows that Scrivener isn’t perfect or he wouldn’t be working on v2. But, thanks mainly to this forum, I’ve found workarounds for most of my issues. And overall, my productivity is through the roof.

So, Literature and Latte: thank you, from the bottom of my creative soul!

Hi David,

Many thanks for the kind words! I’m glad your ghostwriting job is going well, and that Scrivener is helping. I certainly think (hope!) that 2.0 will be a massive improvement, but feel free to drop me a line with any particular feedback or niggles you have. I can’t promise they’ll all be addressed, depending on what they are, of course, but I can at least give you an idea of whether they can be or are likely to be addressed in the future.

Thanks again! Good luck with the rest of the book.
All the best,