What would it take?

Okay KB, what would it take to have Scrivener for Windows CE 6.0? My HIMS Braille Sense U2 runs on Windows CE 6.0. While I love, love, love using Scrivener for my iMac/Macbook Pro, and my iPad, sometimes VoiceOver is a pain in the ass, and I’d love to just be able to manually type whatever it is that I’m writing into my Braille Sense without the use of VoiceOver.

Even though the Qt framework Scrivener for Windows is written in supports Windows CE 6 as a compile target, the amount of work involved would probably mean we wouldn’t see it until after the 3.x version comes out (on Qt 5, hopefully 5.1.1 or later to include the re-added support for WinCE).

Not a L&L employee, so this is just a guess.