What would make me happy

I would like a total project word count that I can switch onto with other knick knacks to cheer me up or depress me.

How many days the project has been worked on.
How many hours actually spent with the project being worked on.

A random encouragement message either self penned or created by the forum.

A self chosen encouragment .jpg to remind me of what I am working for.

Method: Via a secret key combo you click for the encouragement file and up pops the stats and the the cheerer uppers.

Options. It could pop up at opening and closing times or during a long session to remind you to get a coffee or a glass of Armagnac.

I offer this suggestion to the Scrivenerati


I second the list of more information. It’d be awesome to say, “Haha! I wrote a 300,000 word novel, and it only took me 4561 hours, 23 minutes, and 8 – no 9 seconds!”

I was hoping for something along the lines of some of these requests.
Except mine was a spotlight, the “Awwwwwwwwww” sound and a virtual bottle opener.

literatureandlatte.com/forum … php?t=2397

These are really good ideas.
However, I fear I might need something a little stronger, and so I propose an anti-procrastination widget that

  1. Wafts the smell of silage at me when I:
    [list=a] [*]start surfing (even if I claim to be researching - I’m not, I’m surfing)

  2. log onto the Scrivener forum

  3. check my emails (unless they contain offers of money)

  4. open any software that even vaguely resembles a computer game
    ] Wafts the scent of ground corriander seeds at me when I:

  5. actually start imputting text to Scrivener (rather than just staring at it)

  6. am actively proof-reading (on screen or on paper).
    I appreciate that this last one might be a little difficult to implement, but I have great faith in you, Keith.
    What d’you think. Are we in time for 1.1?