What would the file size be for a novel?

Please forgive a very basic Newbie question.

I would like to get an idea of the file size of a fully developed novel in Scrivener - not the compiled version - all the research, trash etc as well.

I understand that one could be twice or 3 times as big as another - and the very roughest of figures is all I need.

I want to make sure that I have sufficient hard drive space for my future needs.

Any help will be much appreciated

My WIP says 55.3mb, most of it research, in one Scrivener project file. The first draft is 75% completed.

Thanks Ahab!

Just what I needed to know - much, much less than I imagined - as a photographer turning writer I am used to working in hundreds of gb - so I shan’t have any space problems with my new venture!

Mine usually run from 10 to 25mb, depending on how many images and web archives I add.

Size will vary a lot; it’s going to depend on how you work and what kind of research files you import. If you need to import a lot of PDFs or media files, that will obviously jump up your file size significantly compared to just having text documents. There are users with projects of several hundred MB and into the gigabyte range, though that last is rare. If you keep a lot of snapshot versions of your documents, those also can add a lot to your project (even though they are just text–if you’ve got a dozen or more per document, they build up!), likewise if you keep separate copies of each version of the draft. So some of this will come down to what the project is and just what method of working suits you. It may not be necessary to import all your research; you can easily link references so they’re accessible from the project without needing to be stored inside it, reducing bulk, and of course you can delete older snapshots if you decide you no longer need them. I recently cleaned out a bunch of extraneous snapshots (mostly automatically made from using the external sync option) and cleared out some 30MB from a 90MB project after making a milestone backup of the whole thing (just in case it turns out I really do need something from there…). This is a project that had roughly two and a half drafts in it at that point, plus other outline structure and synopses, research and notes, but most of it is text with only a few images, PDFs, and imported webpages.

Yes, as Jennifer says, we do have users with projects in the gigabytes, but that is very rare. My largest project can sometimes amount to a couple of hundred megabytes before I clear it out sporadically, but that is my “Scrivener development” project, with years’ worth of notes and release notes, and images, references and web pages and suchlike (I do all of my coding project management in Scriv).

I would say that for a single novel, it would be unlikely to reach the 100MB mark - it is more likely to be somewhere between 10 and 50MB. This is assuming you have lots of notes as well as the main text, and a smattering of image and PDF files. As Jennifer says, if you import hundreds of PDF files and PDF files, or even just a couple of large media files, that’s when the file size is going to swell.

No probs at all for me - a small photographic project would be 4 gb- my backup storage currently runs to 8tb. So I need to make no special allowance for my writing - I can be as lavish as I wish with Scrivener

Thank you to you all - very useful information for the future - and an unnecessary concern removed!