whatever happened to...

I’ve been meaning for quite some time to look up what happened to some authors I always thought were quite promising but then never heard from again. Some have indeed disappeared, others are still quietly being published - and others are probably well known and I am just completely ignorant.

Anyway, I put my list here:

lit-n-lat.blogspot.com/2008/01/w … ed-to.html

If you’ve got a similar list, I’d be interested to read it.


Whatever happened to … Martin Amis? You know, the guy who wrote Money and London Fields and Time’s Arrow and The Information? He vanished about ten years ago and was never heard of again. Some say he died of a heart attack during a dental operation. All I know is that his agent replaced him with an MA impersonator - a pompous prick who sits in talk shows as a self-proclaimed expert on Islamism and the general state of the modern world. Every once in a while, the agent asks a group of interns to write up some prose in the style of the late MA and publishes the pitiful results of their brainstorming sessions under titles like Yellow Dog or Koba the Dread. It’s so sad. I’d love to visit Amis’ grave to thank him for all the inspiration. But no one knows where he’s buried.

Yeah, I can think of a few writers who “disappeared” in the same way. :slight_smile: