Whatever will they think of next?

One of my son’s friends (a soft, gentle, romantic girl of impeccable upbringing) has given him a book to read, called “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”. My son is now reading this book, and says it is quite entertaining. I asked what it was about, and he said “well, basically it’s Pride & Prejudice, but with zombies in it”. Hmmm. The mind boggles.

Well its gorrra ave more goin` for it , than the non-x-rated stuff you usually peddle. tch! :frowning:
Like all that stuff churned out by Milky Collins. Yerrkk!!

There’s more. :confused: :laughing:

Mansfield Park and Mummies? Jane Slayre? :smiley:

Having perused the above, I find myself inclined t`wards, ‘Come home Milky Collins, all is forgiven!’

Should we be shocked, disapproving, amused, or simply jealous that we didn’t think of it first? :slight_smile:

I wonder whether it would be easier to do mashup remodelling to work you admire or to work you don’t like very much? I don’t fancy applying the zombie and sea monster treatment to the literary legacy of dear old Milky, at any rate, however tame Vic may think him. :wink: If you’re starting a Brontë-sister “Slayre” series, Hugh, you could maybe add “Agnes Grave” or “Werewolving Heights”? I’m tempted to suggest “Northanger Abyss” as the next kraken-and-leviathan book from Jane Austen. :slight_smile:

:smiley: I’m simply jealous. :smiley:

Now theres a thing. Ive tramped the path from the vicarage up to Top Withens (Wuthering Heights) a time or two, definately do for this kindda stuff.

There are a whole slew of them that have come out over here over the past few months… And Natalie Portman is acting Elizabeth Bennett in the film version!

…and every time I run across it, I die a little more inside.

Ah, apparently Natalie Portman has pulled out (which means they’ve lost at least one potential viewer - David, I’m looking at you!).