What's a good editor font?

In an old document on Fletcher Penney’s website, he says:

How do I change the default editor font in Scrivener 2.1 for Mac? Sounds easy, but I can’t figure it out! And finally, what is a good font to use in the editor? Easy on the eyes, monospace or not?

Fonts are entirely up to taste. Some prefer monospace, I do, others prefer proportional fonts. I prefer monospace because it is what I’m used to, and working in a plain-text style context as I do, I like the emphasis on punctuation that monospacing fonts do. With MMD I need to be able to see an asterisk clearly, or the difference between a [ and a (. Many stylistic proportional fonts make symbols harder to read. A good free monospace font is Inconsolata. It’s probably one of the best monospace fonts I’ve come across, especially for being free. My favourite is OliveGreen Mono, but that one is not cheap—at least not if you plump for all the variants.

As for changing the default font: If you’ve already got a document set up the way you like to work, then there is an easy way to turn these settings into defaults. Click anywhere in a paragraph that uses what you prefer, then access the Scrivener/Preferences... menu item, and click on the “Formatting” tab. In the top half of this pane, you’ll see a mock editor where you can set up formatting. Above that is a button, Use Formatting in Current Editor. This will import all of the settings from the paragraph your cursor was placed in, into this mock editor. Ruler tab stops, indents, line spacing, font selection, and other facets will be included.

If you don’t have a good example laying around, you can just use the controls in this section to arrange things how you like. You also have access to any presets you might have created before-hand. Okay, from this point on, any new document you create in the Binder—in any project—will be created using these settings. It will not however go back and change older documents you’ve already created, because this would be necessarily destructive. You might have special formatting in notes and such that you wouldn’t want to lose. Thus, there is a tool you can use to update selected files to the current application default. To use it, select all of the files in the Binder that you wish to update, and then use the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style menu command. You will be asked how thoroughly this should be done with a series of checkboxes, and when you click Okay on that they will be updated immediately according to your settings. This tool tries to be smart about it. It won’t wipe out bold, italic, and other “span level” formatting like that. However in some cases you might lose formatting if the font you’ve selected as default does not have the proper variants available. With Garamond, if you have all of the variants installed, you will be okay. This is only a concern with some of the more limited fonts, like Lucida Grande, which do not support italics.

Thanks for the robust reply!