What's in a Pill?

Love your program and will be purchasing it in the near future.

Tell me, does the pill have any special advantage over downloading the program? Aside from the fact that the pill looks so awesome I’d have it where everyone could see it and ask about it. Can I work from and save my work to the pill? Is the registration code printed on the pill or is it in the pill in any form, so it doesn’t get lost? Is the pill able to accept a new version of the program when one’s available?

When I order the pill will I receive my registration code by email right away or do I have to wait until my pill arrives? Being the time of year it is I imagine you sell out from time to time and it would be nice to be a registered user even if the pill is slow in arriving.


Oh, and how long before I have to purchase a new version, aprox.


The pill doesn’t really have any advantages, no - it doesn’t have enough space to save any projects on it and is only intended for installation; in a way it could be construed as misleading, as I wouldn’t recommend using Scrivener from a USB pill. :slight_smile: To be honest it is just a stop-gap until we are able to offer a proper boxed product (which we hope to do next year when 2.0 comes out). It does have the serial number printed on the card, though (it comes attached to a card). And the serial number is generated straight away and should be in the e-mail receipt (David could confirm that), so you could also download and install while you are waiting for the pill to arrive. And yes, you can replace the version on the pill with updates, as USB pills are always writeable.

Hope that helps.
All the best,

Thanks for the info.

I like that it looks like a pill. “Other writing software giving you a headache? Take this pill.” :slight_smile:


Just to confirm; the ordering process for the Scrivener USB Pill is very similar to the regular licence, so you will receive your username and Scrivener serial number confirmation onscreen on order completion. You will subsequently receive an order confirmation email to the given email address. Both processes allowing you to register your downloaded Scrivener version immediately, whilst you wait for the arrival of your physical Scrivener USB Pill.

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Ordered it today, Christmas day. :slight_smile: Was painless, like you said, and now I’m a registered user and my pill is going to be shipped. Woot!

Well, I just had to give an update.

I love the USB Pill because it’s all gadgety. I replaced the memory stick inside for one with 1gig of ram and a neat red LED built into it. I use it for storing all my Scrivener related stuff as well as all backups (I have many backups) and it looks so cool when it lights up. The red LED goes great with the white and black and fits in very well at Starbucks.


Nice idea :slight_smile:

I found the pill too big for an easy use in much laptops, but anyway is by far the most cool looking usb drive I have, and I have a bunch.

Anyway, I think that the pill format is great. I always know where my Scrivener pill is. It’s hanging from my library because it’s a nice object to have over there.

I know, it’s such a nice, tactile little thing. And I’m not usually a label whore but I like the look and logo so much that it’s always prominently displayed. Does this make me a bad person? :slight_smile: (And I was kidding about Starbucks. Highly overrated. And besides I never leave my apartment.youtube.com/watch?v=IrzPcx381cY)