What's the best "global bookmark" strategy?

Hi… I’d like to use the inspector pane as a global comment (bookmark) viewer, so that, no matter where I am in my book, it’s always visible and I can click a comment and jump to that spot in the book.

Currently, I’m only able to see the Comments in the Inspector pane when I’m in the actual section of the book where I’ve inserted the comment (again, trying to use it as a bookmark function). I’d like to have every comment/bookmark visible and available to use to jump around in the book as needed, no matter where I am in the book.

Is this possible? Is there a better way to achieve a functional, always-on global bookmark tool? I’m trying to use it to keep track of particular story beats, or threads, for pacing and structure.

Thanks for any help/suggestions!

Well the conventional answer is to use smaller chunks of text if you find yourself asking questions like how to tag individual areas of text, or link to them. That’s really one of the main ideas of the software: that the outline should be as big or small as your work needs it to be. We don’t have to stick to just rigidly adhering to conventional structures like chapter and section breaks. That’s especially true if you’re looking for an overview of any kind at all, such as making sure a particular sub-plot hasn’t be neglected for too long, etc.

But where that is not possible or desirable, I’ve never had too much trouble with the two-step system myself. When I have a longer section that I can’t or don’t want to break down further but have spots within that section that I consistently navigate to, I just put down an Inspector Comment for the future. Next time when I navigate to that document via a Reference or a hyperlink in the text, I just open the panel and click on where I need to go within that document.

But maybe it’s the first part of that recipe that is missing and could help enhance the way you work? I am a heavy user of References and internal links (which I do not use for publishing cross-references, I map out my work with a network of links that are purely for my own internal navigation within the book, almost more like a wiki). Primary links to documents, no matter how you choose to implement them, are hugely useful all by themselves, let alone when combined with a second “shelf” of bookmarks in the sidebar once you get there.