What's the best way to make a compilation of two books?

I have two books in separate files on Scrivener. I want to combine them into an ebook compilation. What’s the best way to do that? Do I create a third file and drag both binders into it? Or is there a slicker way to tell Scrivener to attach them (with a common TOC)?

You will need to have them in the same project, so you’ll want to drag one draft into the other. You can have more than one book in Scrivener - you just have a different folder for each book inside the “Draft” folder and treat each book folder as if it were the entire Draft. Then, in Compile, above the contents area, next to where it says “Compile:”, you choose the book you want to compile and tick “Treat compile group as complete manuscript”. So, even when you have both books in one project, you can use this trick to compile each as an individual book whenever you want, as well as compiling them both as a compilation by exporting the entire Draft folder.

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Thanks, Keith.