What's the easiest/most reliable method for Scrivener backup?

Hi, I am a relatively new user of Scrivener, currently using it to write a nonfiction book. For others who have done something similar: what is the best method for backing up a project on Scrivener so it’s easy to access either in the cloud or on an external backup device of some kind? I was considering subscribing to a cloud backup service like Carbonite, but their tech support person didn’t seem to be familiar with Scrivener and suggested that the project would have to be dragged separately into image and text files, or something, which sounds complicated and like something I would not do as often as I should. Any advice? Thanks.

If all you are trying to do is back up your work, that is easy to set up. (As opposed to trying to share your work, or access your work from multiple machines.)

Out of the box, Scrivener is automatically creating backups, but you want to educate yourself and control when the backups take place, how they are done, and where they are stored.

Have a look at section 7.11 “Backing Up Your Work” and Appendix B9 “Backup” and B12 “Saving” in the Scrivener manual. Only a few pages. The chapter numbers are from the Windows version, so may be slightly different on the Mac.

I have Scrivener configured to create a zipped backup of the project when I close it, and also when I press CTL+S. I also have it set to Retain All Backup Files, to name the backups by date, and I’ve specified the Scrivener backup location as my OneDrive folder, so the backups automatically go to the cloud.

At the very least, you can set up something similar with your cloud provider of choice.

As an extra step, you can periodically copy your backup folder to external storage.

Hopefully this helps. Please let me know if you have any specific questions.

Thanks, Jim! I’m going to try setting this up and get back to you if I have any questions along the way.

My thoughts on backups:

On my own system, I use Scrivener’s automatic backups, Time Machine, and CrashPlan.

Among cloud services, note that synchronization and backup are not the same thing. Cloud backups are, almost by definition, going to be more secure but also more difficult to access.