What's this?


Please excuse my lack of knowledge on this subject, but recently I received a message from my anti-virus, one I had heretofore never seen. It said this:

“The application C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener\docformats\doc2any.exe was detected as potentially malicious.
Active Virus Control bl;ocked this process based on the following actions:

  • this application’s behavior can harm your computer”

The time hacks for the catch was at 10:59 a.am. EST and 11:01 a.m. EST (USA). I have been using Scrivener for days in a row without any such messages until today.

But today I also had changed my settings to allow "Use Microsoft Word or Open Office for doc and docx conversions, and today was the first time I’ve saved to the docx format.

Would this be why I am seeing this? Any helpful explanation of what this means would be greatly appreciated.

The anti-virus will let me ‘Allow & Monitor’ this execution; if this is related to the settings mentioned above, please let me know. Thank you.

Thank you.

The doc2any tool (from VeryDoc) allows conversion to and from the .doc and .docx formats using Microsoft Word’s libraries, which can sometimes give you better results (it’s also necessary for compiling or exporting to the .docx format, which can’t be created with Scrivener’s standard converters). Most likely your anti-virus flagged it just because it hooks in with Word, running that program invisibly in the background to access the libraries, then closing it; I haven’t seen this be reported before, but I’ve seen similar cases for other tools and programs, depending on the security software and the settings. You should be able to give it permission to run or add it to a whitelist in the anti-virus program so it won’t get flagged all the time. What security software are you using? I’ll make a note in case anyone else sees this.

Hello, MM. Thank you for responding, and my apologies to you for getting back here so late. I’ll allow the action, and to answer your question, the anti-virus is Bitdefender. Thanks again so very much! – Clint