What's with 25 max rows in a table?

I’m finishing off a technical mountain of documentation at the moment and have started to tabulate some configuration settings so it’s the first time I’ve tried tables.

I found that when I hit 25 rows in a table (extending using the Up Arrow on the Table control) it maxes out at 25. I can type the number of rows in manually but this isn’t anywhere near as convenient as clicking the up button as I add each row and if I accidentally hit Up after that it truncates my table back to 25 rows.

Knowing you guys there’s probably a good reason for this behaviour so I would love to know how to turn it off :slight_smile:



Hi Andy,

Huh, I’ve never noticed that before - that is very odd! Unfortunately this design decision isn’t down to me, but to Apple. The tables in Scrivener are just the ones built into the standard OS X text system (the same as you find in TextEdit), as is the table inspector panel. Tables were introduced to the text system in Tiger, and sadly haven’t seen much in the way of improvements since. (One day I hope to replace them with a better, custom tables system, but it’s a massive undertaking.)

So, I’m afraid I can’t think of a good reason for this - just an Apple oddity. Sorry about that!

All the best,

Ah well, it is an oddity for sure.

I can’t say I’ve seen problems with Pages like this. The control looks the same…

I may have a play with Text System APIs.

Thanks again Keith

No, Pages uses a completely different text system (Apple built a different one for Pages) and the control is completely different if you take a look (the up/down arrows look the same but they are in completely different inspector panels). I have zero control over the standard text system tables inspector as it is a black box.

Mmmm, I see what you mean.

As a way of trying it out with something more core… well something that should certainly use Core Text only, I tried TextEdit. Yep exactly the same behaviour :frowning:

Yep, you’ll find the same in any using the basic text system (not Core Text - that’s much lower level, but the NSText system). There are plenty more oddities where this one came from, unfortunately. As I say, one day I hope to replace the tables system and inspector with something better, but it’s a big, big job.

…and now I’m wondering if that 25 Row by 25 column limit (yes, it’s limited on columns too I found) implies a limitation on the amount of data that the control will serialise to and from storage.

Oh well, I’m going to find out pretty soon.

Ah yes, that made my Googling easer :slight_smile:

Yes it seems the offending thing is the ‘Text Table panel’. It does appear that you can programmatically control table size but this would spoil and break standards with the rest of the text system, I can see all the reasons why you wouldn’t want to do that unless you were doing a complete overhaul of that part of Scrivener.