What's with the margins?

This is the third time I’ve downloaded this software and started using it, only to get so mad I (patiently) decided to wait for the next beta since it is obviously not ready enough for me.
Now…this time, after several tries I realize that I need to have the window maximized in order to get the margins to work. If not maximized it just gives me a a bunch of characters stacked on top of each other. That makes it a bit hard to read!
Sure it might be good for concentrating on just what you’re writing, but I don’t work that way. Am I doing something wrong or am I just stupid in wanting this to work with a bit more finesse that “wordwrap” in notepad?

Could you post a screenshot? I don’t really understand what you’re describing about the margins, either what you’re expecting or what you’re actually seeing when you work. The margins appear fine, to me, working in the editor, and I’m able to adjust the pixel width in Options:Editor. I never maximize the window, so I don’t think that’s it.

Two things to check then are the ruler settings and the editor margins, both in Edit>Options:Editor. If the tabs got set funny for some reason in the default text style there, all your new documents would come up with that, which could produce a narrow column of text. Adjusting it there will fix it for new documents. Unfortunately I think if the ruler settings are the problem, you’ll have to fix it individually for each of the already affected documents, as the format conversion feature isn’t yet implemented. (It is coming, though, so you’ll be able to select multiple documents and convert them quickly to the default settings.)

Hope that helps. If not, seeing a picture might help figure out the issue.

I’ve tried some more. It seem that when I start a new screenplay the default margins gives me one letter per line. I can of course drag the margin out to the right. However it seem it is not enough to get the whole slug on one line even if there seem to be enough room. If I make the window very wide it works but, if I then write some action and do another slug I’m back with a “broken” slug!

I’m seeing this in the defaults as well, using the Screenplay template. I’ve examined the script settings for mode “screenplay” and it looks like the paragraph settings are set so that the right margin is way too big. The amount of indent appears in such a way that it almost looks like at one point these values were treated as absolute, and that now they are being treated as relative. For example, the character element indent is set to 6.5", which would be right up to the edge of the page using US Letter with 1" margins. But instead the formatter seems to be taking this as “offset the margin 6.5 inward from the edge” rather than “set the edge to 6.5” if that makes sense. I went down all of the elements and they are all variations on this theme. If you subtract their value from 6.5, you get the offset value that they should be.