What's your favourite displacement activity?

You know, those things that just have to be done when you should be settling to prime writing time.
When I’ve done the Guardian cryptic and quick crosswords and all three New York Times sudokus (sudoki?), my pencils are all sharp, my fountain pens are all full of ink and things are looking desperate, I play SimCity.

Sad, really…

Displacement? Definitely sinking into a hot bath in the winter months.

In no particular order: crosswords (Times cryptic, quick cryptic), cooking, jigsaws on my iPad (you don’t lose the pieces!).



In which case one ought to ask “How much do you displace?” :laughing:


Almost certainly not enough! :mrgreen:

See… this gets me into trouble. One of my girls displaces 600lbs, the other (not really my girl, but I borrow her on occasion) is about 4 tons. I’m about to start with another one and she will displace about 1800lbs dry and a bit over 3200 loaded and wet.

And to clarify for those that scratching their heads…
Martens-Goosen v12
J-Boats J30
Class Mini 580

I can turn almost anything available into a displacement activity, if there is something I should be doing and other things that I don’t need to be doing. But I’m ashamed to say that the biggest time sink is Civilization 5. I blame my nephew. If he hadn’t shown me the game, I would never have known it existed.

Favourite? Displacement involving my horse…

I’ve got my eyes on Leopard 46s…but that would probably be a bad first boat.

I was amused to plug in “Martens-Goosen v12” into my search engine of choice and have the first result be your page.

Lately, working on electric guitar lessons, finishing up my playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2 (so I can then finish Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and then start on my Father’s Day gift of Witcher 3), reading, and watching YouTube sailing videos.

It would include taking more sailing training classes, but the US Power Squadrons don’t seem to be in any hurry to get their classes turned into an online format…

Start small maybe not as small as I did, but a 46’ cat makes it way too easy to be a sloppy sailor.

Check out the classglobe580.com for a current view of “Jaysen is forking nuts!!”

Reading - it’s ALWAYS research, you see.
Well, perhaps not all of it is.
Ok, ok - hardly any of it is.

Otherwise it’s getting/staying fit so swimming…but since the local pools are closed… :frowning:. and, I’m too much of a Mediterranean wimp to brave the cold Scottish sea.

So it’s back to reading.
This time it really is research…honest…

I’m thinking of taking up beekeeping. Now that is an activity that takes up a lot of time I could be writing…

Yes, a lot of time. Also, as a boon, there’s the screaming, the swatting - complete with flailing arms, and the hospital visits to look forward to. :smiling_imp:

I’ve got a very complex system in place designed to make sure that I never have to actually, you know, write something.

Firstly, I make sure I’ve got several projects on the go so that I divide what little energy I have very thinly, and guarantee that in the rare occasions I’m actually typing words that I still have other projects to feel guilty about neglecting.

Secondly, I invented a writing event (novelinaday.com) so I can make sure I have an outlet for story ideas and creative energy that doesn’t count towards my personal projects.

Thirdly, I have a day job that means that, although I spend the day dreaming about writing, I spend any snatched writing time worrying about working.

Fourthly, I have decided to become a YouTuber. I have produced no videos (of course), but have set up a page with an awesome header and logo. I also have a wonderful animated production “vanity card”.

I find these four strategies are generally sufficient to prevent work. In the unlikely event that I do find myself trying to work on that novel, one of two things is destined to happen:

One, Mrs PF will start talking to me (a wonderful distraction, of course), or two…

I visit the Literature and Latte forum.

(PS. I am also really into photography, and play guitar in a band)

watching some good movies. that sure does help me alot to relax and to let my mind rest for a while

watching a good movie sure does bring me joy

Yes, yes, yes… but it’s the PS that’s grabbed me. Guitar in a band.
Any more info on that gem? Do you play lead? How about a SIAD? :smiley: