What's your Go-To font?

Welcome @lhyacinthus.

Changing fonts when stuck sounds great in theory, but I was taught that “The difference between theory and practice in practice is greater than the difference between theory and practice in theory.”

My point being, if I changed fonts every time I got stuck I’d be changing them all the time.

I prefer Garamond because it is professional book font. Harry Potter books are printed in Garamond. Courier looks too much like a typewriter font and isn’t as professional looking when published. I use Viner Hand ITC for Chapter titles because I like the look of it. Unfortunately, most Ebook generators don’t like any font other than the usual (Courier, Garamond, Times New Roman, etc.) and won’t let me mix font types. In my print books, anything goes, but my NORMAL font is always Garamond.

The only reasonable font is Courier Screenplay. All others are affectations without foundation.

Properly spaced. Accepted as the best by the intelligentsia, who actually know shit.

Set it as default for all programs and never be deceived.

That does appear to be a very sweet font, BTW.