When can we buy Scrivener/Linux?


Our household has turned into a Linux shop over the last couple of weeks (Xubuntu 12.04 x64). In regard to Scrivener, I do not feel comfortable with using time-limited beta software. Maybe this doesn’t make sense for you, but I’d rather purchase an official license now and use a beta version without a time limit until the Linux version of Scrivener becomes “official”. But seeing that the Linux build has been “unofficial” for a very, very long time already, the question should be allowed whether this will ever change?

I also have a problem compiling Kindle eBooks with Scrivener on Linux, but this is another story entirely.

Greetings from Germany,

The only “official” way right now is to buy a Windows copy and run it through WINE, if you wish to avoid the betas. We’re good about getting those refreshed so that they never run out, so in practice it shouldn’t be a problem. As for when it will be official—the main goal is to get the Windows/Linux codebase up to speed with the Mac version. That is what Lee & team are focussing on exclusively. Once that has been done we would definitely like to branch out into Linux, but that will require a lot of background work, mainly in the area of technical support. We have no capacity for supporting Linux right now, so it really wouldn’t be fair to start selling it.

Thanks for the reply. I already own a Scrivener/Mac license and will then probably just sit it out until the Linux branch reaches a commercial stage. It’s not that I have a quality problem with the current Linux betas, I’m just not a friend of the built-in time bomb.

After hearing so much about Scrivener I finally got a chance to try it out on Linux (works best on this distro so far). I love it. I can’t wait until it is out of beta. Great job on an awesome product.