When compiling a German book in .mobi format, "contents" will still displayed in English in the final .mobi file

Hi dear community,

I have just discovered scrivener and I gave it a try.
So I am still trying the tool out if it fits my needs.

One thing which makes scrivener superior to only writing in Microsoft word are the structure and organizing possibilities. That is really awesome. So I grew my script little by little. As I am foremost a voice artist and narrator and not a writer. But scrivener makes it easy just to start writing. :smiley:

So here is my question:

I normally write in German. So, even if I change the settings of the language into German.
The “Contents” will stay in English when previewing the compiled .mobi file.

So it will display as

instead of

Inhalt or similar

So did I miss a point ?
I couldn’t find any option to change this. Or is there any ?

Or just simply asked. If an English Writer does not like the word
“contents” where can he edit it ?

That means I cannot compile my draft into .mobi, but I have to find a workaround just to change the “contents” title. :unamused:

So is this a bug ?

Thank you fore your help. :wink:



I have a similar problem in Russian
When compiled the word “Chapter” appears in english and “The first” in russian