When compiling I get an empty file 0kb

this is the first time that I have this problem, but I haven’t compile with Scrivener for a while. I have been working on mi PhD Thesis and now I need to compile it to a word file in order to send it to my director. The problem is that when I try to compile it as usual I only get an empty word file (0kb). I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I need to solve this problem, since I have a 300 pp work done.
I have tried to compile it in my iMac and in a MacBook Air, but same result.
Thanks for your time and help,

Your documents are probably not in the Draft folder (which can be renamed, and often is in various templates). It’s the one with the binder icon that looks like a stack of pages with one bottom page sticking out to the left.

Alternately, in the detailed compile dialogue, under the Contents section, the “Include” checkboxes may all be turned off for some reason. I think OPT-click will toggle them all on or off if that’s your problem. Also, check the Formatting section to make sure the Text checkboxes are ticked.

hi, thanks for the answer.
The thing is that I have already compiled this work before (parts of it and as a whole). I have the correct ticks selected for the compilation and everything is in the draft and has never been anywhere else (not in the research section, for example).
I find it quite strange and don’t know where the mistake/problem can be.
I haven’t updated my system, for example. It is Max OS X Lion 10.7.5.
Thanks a lot for your answer again.

I have different files of the same project, numbered according to every revision of the project. I have files up to 136. I can compile file 130 perfectly, but I can’t do it with those from 131 to 136. I have checked the compile settings for them and they are exactly the same. The only changes I have made within the project are modifying information inside the different sections, since I have been doing some corrections in my PhD thesis. I don’t know why I can’t compile it now: the only file the compilation produces is an empty one (0kb), even though it apparently goes through the compilation process without any problem.
It’s maybe some silly detail, but I need some help.
Thanks a lot,

I finally solved the problem. I changed the custom setting for novel one and then I could compile it. After that I reconfigured the custom setting and it works.