When do we get another update?

It seems like ages and all the odd bugs are driving me crazy. Hopefully, someone has reported the random crashes. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall a few times for this. Also, cutting and pasting from one Scrivener file to another is a recipe for disaster. Thank God for backups.

When do we get another update? :question:

I was wondering that, too. :slight_smile:

Since I encounter the problem that Scrivener takes ages to start, I am waiting for a new version, too!

Same here. I keep clicking Help > Check for Updates… hoping that it would find updates, but nothing so far.

I don’t have a definitive word on this yet, but the estimate is a minimum of three or four weeks from now. In addition to the holiday break, Lee took a much needed vacation from a solid year and a half of coding, so that’s why there has been a bit of a lull since the last update.

Thanks, Amber.

Beta testing throughout that year, I know how badly Lee deserved that vacation. I just needed to hear he was still around. I don’t think I can live with these bugs too long.

Me too,