When I compiled my chapter titles were not centered

I was careful to center my chapter number and title and a quote, but when I compiled my ebook it went to the left side of the text. (that’s how it appear in the previewer). What do I need to do so the chapter, and whatever I want centered remains the same after compiling it? Thanks for your help! :smiley:

The easiest way is to use your folder titles as chapter titles and then to format these the way you want in the Format section in Compile. It doesn’t matter how you format the text in the editor while you are writing as all that can be changed during compile. Otherwise you need to tick the ‘As is’ box in the Contents section in Compile.
If you want to format chapter titles in detail and also have a quote, I think would have that as a separate document in the binder, as the first subdocument in each chapter, and then tick that one to be compiled ‘As is’ but not the others.