When I export a Scrivener document to Word, links vanish

…or at least hyperlinks to Web pages do. Either they’re not there at all, or the formatting makes them invisible. Am I doing something wrong?



Hi Harry,

No, you’re not doing anything wrong, this is a known issue (it was brought to my attention for the first time only a week or so ago, funnily enough). It turns out that whereas most word processors automatically format text marked as a hyperlink with blue text and an underline, Word requires that formatting to be added specifically, which the standard OS X exporters don’t do. I have fixed this for RTF and RTF-based .doc export in 2.0.6 (unfortunately I have no control over the .docx exporter, which is the standard Apple one, but RTF and .doc will do the trick), which will be out in a couple of weeks or so. Keep an eye on the “Beta Testing” forum though, because I will be posting a beta of 2.0.6 there hopefully this week or early next, and that will contain this fix too.

Thanks and all the best,