When I get a new computer, how can I take my Scrivener and novel to the new computer?

Let’s say I need a new computer but I have my Scrivener and a novel in progress on the old computer. How do I get Scrivener AND my novel project to the new computer? If I download it new and enter my license code, it won’t transfer my novel, correct?

Use the File -> Backup -> Backup To command to create a ZIP backup of the novel. Once you have that, you can transfer it via any convenient method, including emailing it to yourself or a flash drive.

DO NOT just copy the .scrivx file across. This is the most common mistake people make. You need the entire .scriv folder, including all sub-folders.

Download a fresh copy of Scrivener from our site, and register with the existing license code.

DO NOT copy the installed version of Scrivener to the new system. There are some machine-specific files in the installed copy, so it won’t work.

Be sure to confirm that the project works on the new system before disposing of the old one. This is the number two most common mistake people make, and the hardest to recover from. If you still have the old computer with Scrivener and data intact, anything else that might happen is fixable.


Thanks a lot for the info, Katherine. Very helpful.