when I searched Help, it searched some of my writing

example: I looked for “chapters”. the notes that I had written that had “chapter” in them came up. I hadn’t noticed this bug with earlier versions of Scrivener. (I currently use 2.0.5.)

This isn’t a bug. When you search for something in the search field in the Help menu, it doesn’t search the Help file but rather the menus - this is how it works in all OS X options; the feature was added by Apple in 10.5 and is intended to help you find menu items quickly. Scrivener has several menus - Go To, Scrivener Link and suchlike - that list documents in the project, so searching in the Help search field will indeed bring those items up.

Hope that helps.

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And what you really want to do is click on the “Scrivener Manual” menu option right below the search field and load that PDF in your preferred viewer (or import it into your project if you want for quick reference). Once you have the PDF loaded, then you can search for whatever you want. You probably won’t find much of use under “chapter” though, because Scrivener as a piece of software doesn’t understand what a chapter is—it’s not a “feature” in the sense that a folder is. If you let me know what you’re looking to do, I might be able to point you in the right directions in the manual.