When I select a word to change, sometimes it hangs

I’m rereading some of my work, and sometimes when I select a word to change, or a short section of words, and start typing, it hangs for like five or ten seconds before continuing on.

It really breaks my train of thought. Any suggestions?

PS Two weeks ago I sold the first book I wrote just using Scrivener. It will be out from Holt in 2011.

Congratulations on the book! That’s great news.

What system are you using? 10.4.11, 10.5.7 etc? Also, what machine are you using (G4 PPC, recent MacBook or whatever)? How big is the project? I’m wondering if you have a massive project and this is the auto-save kicking in.

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10.5.8, on a MacBook Pro purchased in June, 3.4MB.

Is that huge? It has a lot of notes in it.


No, that’s a pretty small project and certainly shouldn’t be causing a delay during auto-save. Could you please zip it up and send it to me (support AT literatureandlatte DOT com)? It might be early next week before I get chance to look at it properly because of the release of 1.52, but I will certainly look at it.
Thanks and all the best,