When I select some text in order to highlight it...

When I select some text in order to highlight it, it is “selected” in blue. When I click “Hightlight,” it looks the same. To check if it’s highlighted, I have to click somewhere else to unselect it.

Especially when I select some text that’s already partially highlighted, I often have to go back and reselect it if I don’t predict the right result. I know I could do the math of “the first highlight click makes it all highlighted, the second makes it all not,” but I forget.

I don’t know if there’s a way to have the “selected” text’s blue change a bit to show that it’s highlighted underneath. That would be helpful to me though.

Can you change the highlight colour by going to System Preferences>Appearance>Highlight Colour?


You can change the color of the “selected text” highlight, but that won’t fix the problem–it won’t distinguish between highlighted and unhighlighted text. Unfortunately, given the way the OS works, it doesn’t really seem like much can be done at the moment. Someone else asked about this and Keith replied here. :frowning: Sorry.

I kinda figured it might be like that. Thanks though.