When I try to TAB text over within a document

When I try to TAB text within a document for an indent, it will drop the content down a line (as a “return”), BUT when something is bold (like a header) it will tab it over/indent like it should. Clearly I’m missing something. Can you please advise? I’m new to Scrivener and am doing my best to figure this all out! Thank you!

First, turn on your Ruler, Cmd-R, which my bet would show you that you have no tab stops in place, so it will simply do what you are seeing.

Next, don’t use tabs to indent; you’ll be setting yourself up for problems later. Set the indent using the ruler, dragging the T-marker to where you want the first line to start. Do this in Scrivener → Settings/Preferences → Editing → Formatting

for it to be used for all projects, or in Project → Project Settings → Formatting for that project only.

That will set it for any new text. For existing text, select all the documents in the Binder and use Documents → Convert → Text to Default Formatting.

Use Find & Replace putting a tab in the Find field with Opt-Tab and leaving the Replace field empty.

That’s what I would do, but it’s up to you.


Hi again, Mark. I’m still working on doing as you outlined (thank you!), but I’m not sure I’m understanding. That said, you had mentioned that you wouldn’t use the tab key to indent as it’s likely to cause problems later. How would you recommend I do indent? It’s not for paragraph indentation. I have a lot of content that requires indentation on the page. There don’t seem to be “indent” specific tabs to hit like I would find in Word. I see the bullets, etc., but that’s not what I need. Ugh. Thoughts?

Just a question:
In the binder, is your document’s icon white or yellow ?

Scrivener tabs work the same as Word tabs, and so does paragraph indentation. It may be that you never learned them in Word.

Ok, I figured out what was happening and wanted to share – I had imported a large doc from Google docs and, while I thought I had cleared the formatting, it did not clear and that’s what was making me bonkers. Thank you for your time and support!