When importing websites, open links in Scrivener

Good day,

I use Scrivener for my University Notes.

I put all of the things related to a subject into one scrivener project. Which is very convenient. It’s been working very well so fa.r

I often like to include the course-websites also. The only small wrinkle is when I click on a link. It pulls me out of full-screen and opens a browser.
Is there any way to make the link open in Scivener instead? (i.e, in the same frame? ) Like by pressing some modifier key? (say option/control exc).

If not, it would be nice to have a modifier key with which one would open the web-page in the same frame as oppose to opening safari. ^_^.

Thank you



This gets very problematic, as once you allow the opening of links within Scrivener, Scrivener starts to require more browser features (you would then want a “back” button, and it would have to handle different types of links), which is beyond Scrivener’s scope. Thus, if you need to navigate beyond the page that has been imported, Scrivener defers to a browser that can do all of these things rather than try to do them itself.

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Well, I mean not by default, but by holding down a modifier while clicking ^_^. (or have like a mini Safari in there).

But, yah, I see the landslide effect there. Once you give people a taste, they will want the whole thing…

Your call I guess ^_^.