When in Fullscreen Scrivener loses the hidden macOS menubar

macOS 10.13.4
Scrivener 3.0.3 (3032)

What happens:
When using Scrivener in fullscreen mode, after a while the hidden menubar will no longer appear and you have to move to another desktop and back again for it to appear and start working.

How to reproduce:

Make Scrivener a fullscreen app - it moves to a new ‘desktop’.
Use Scrivener for some amount of time.
Move mouse pointer up to top of display waiting for the menu bar to appear.
Notice it does not appear.
Repeat moving mouse pointer away and back to top of display.
Notice menubar does not appear.
Use Option Left Arrow to move to previous desktop.
Notice Menubar is visible,
Use Option Right Arrow to get back to Scrivener.
Menubar now works correctly.

Chance of occurrence.

The current version of High Sierra is 10.13.6. Does upgrading fix the problem? If not, do you see the same issue in other applications?

This is very likely to be an Apple issue: Scrivener tells Mac OS “draw a window here,” but doesn’t do low level window management itself.


All that effort and I do a typo.

I meant 10.13.6


The reason I don’t think it’s an Apple fault, or not entirely, is that none of the other apps I run in fullscreen do it.

Only Scrivener.

Does the regular CTRL F2 (or FN CTRL F2 if on a laptop and not using the function keys as standard) work?

Slàinte mhòr.

I can’t reproduce this, I’m afraid. There is actually no code in Scrivener that handles this, so it’s doubly-strange - full screen is all happened by Apple’s code.

Can anybody else reproduce this?

Thanks and all the best,