When Oh When?

Ever since I learned of the Scrivener 3.0 release for Mac, I’ve been patiently waiting for the Windows 3.0 version … “coming in 2018”. I see that last bit - “coming in 2018” - is no longer anywhere to be found. What is the status of this release? I’m patient but 2018 is drawing to a close. (I’m reluctant to install the beta … mostly because it is a beta. ) Any news? Any expectation of a formal release any time soon?

thx - Bill

Answer here: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scrivener-3-windows-release/42512/1]

And here: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scrivener-3-for-windows-but-when/40070/1]

I’m sure there are others.


Ever since I started using the beta version I just can’t go back to v2 :frowning: ! Hopefully we won’t be waiting for long.

Very useful information. I’m in the market for a powerful writing tool for my non-fiction project. I’ve tried Scrivener and found it useful, if hardly the most delightful interface . But as a Windows user, I slightly resent the combination of being offered a patently inferior product whilst being asked to pay the same price as Mac users whilst waiting on trust for some unspecified v3 release date. Seeing how long this has been going on has led me to bite the bullet and pay a bit more for a competitor product. I don’t regret it. Surely a discounted price for Windows users is in order?

I agree. Signed up a year ago and still no Windows 3.0.

I think differently than you do. I look at a program and ask myself, is this worth the price to me? Will its value to me exceed the cost (and can I afford it)?

I really don’t care if they plant trees in the arctic, or contribute to Mars research (or whatever), or have another product at another price.

I am shocked and amazed that the current product is as good as it is, it is amazing, and I think it is very inexpensive given what it does. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and continue to be pleased. Then, they are going to let me upgrade to version 3 for half price, even if I bought v1 two or three years ago. So it’ll be half of the already low price.

Now I’m sure they don’t like paying programmers for over a year and still not being satisfied with the product. All those costs and no income from the investment. It’s taking longer than they wanted.

If V1 isn’t worth the price given some discount or free upgrade to V3, then don’t buy it. If they sell rocket ships or anything else to someone else makes no difference.

If you bought since they announced the release of version 3 for Mac (I forget the date, but it was last year), the discount will be 100%. Upgrades for people who purchased v1 before then will be about 40%, I think.

Seems reasonably discounted to me…

What competitor product did you purchase? (I’ve posed this question to other posters and they didn’t respond, so I won’t be surprised if you don’t either.)

You’ve moved on to a competitor’s product, so how would a discount benefit you?

So basically the only response to “when?” is speculation based on user/customer experience - no official information from L&L. I appreciate the observations that the Win3 team is working hard and making progress on the beta, albeit slowly - that, at least, is somewhat encouraging.

I am patient, so I guess I’ll continue to be patient. It is disappointing that “coming in 2018” isn’t going to happen, though.

Not true. The first post I linked to upthread contains an official response from L&L. For your convenience, here it is again:

That’s the official response, and it’s been consistent throughout the Windows beta period. I don’t expect it to change. Neither should you (or anyone). See what happened when they made the “mistake” of forecasting a 2018 release?

Fair enough. I didn’t pick up on that as the official L&L response when I read through the thread. That still leaves us with no timeline - just an explanation of why there is no timeline. .

I mean, we can explain why there is no ice cream, but indeed that won’t cause ice cream to magically appear, because there is no ice cream yet, and the why has been explained. So all we can say is there is no ice cream yet. And we will keep saying that until maybe a day or two from that being any different, because until that point in time, there will be no ice cream.

[size=80]But you can of course enjoy the free frozen yogurt in the beta bar, in the meanwhile.[/size]

Writer’s Blocks. Yes, it is more expensive.

It wouldn’t. But you’re assuming it’s only possible to think narrowly in terms of self interest.

I suspect there might be differences in perception depending on when you bought/encountered the product. I can see why a customer who is quite attached to the product might consider a discounted upgrade to version 3 good value.

But as a potential new customer, Version 3 felt more like the currently (un)available standard I’d essentially be paying for but not (immediately) getting. That felt like less of a good deal. Particularly given the Mac comparison.

Hi Dirtyfoucault,

Thanks for the reply, and for proving me wrong. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering what was it about Writer’s Block that led you to choose it? It seems to have far less features as compared to Scrivener 1.9, for far more money.

Its strong point seems to be organization, which is fine as far as it goes, but the features just sort of seem to end there. (Unless I’m missing something.)

The main thing I don’t see is something analogous to Scrivener’s compile feature – how do you get your writing out of Writer’s Block and into an acceptable format to your beta readers/editor/publisher/Amazon/etc.? Scrivener generates appropriately formatted Doc, Mobi, ePub, etc. Writer’s Block seems to only support pdf output.

I see from your post upthread that you’ve tried the free trial of Scrivener Win v1.9, so I know you’ve got some idea of what its capabilities are, which makes me sincerely curious of how you arrived at your decision.

Regardless, best of luck with your writing.


I just tried using the trial version of Writer’s Block and I’m sorry to say I uninstalled it within 10minutes. I couldn’t spend more time because frankly the UI feels like cluster fest.

I think I prefer Scrivener in this area. Even though the UI design is still very archaic I’ve always felt the developers have spend sometime to organize things in a very cohesive manner.

This is purely subjective though.

Hi Jim,

It’s early days in my Writer’s Blocks journey, so forgive me if I don’t have all the answers just yet. In terms of absolute number of features, I’m not sure it does better Scrivener. I’m a non-fiction writer so its strength in allowing me to clearly organise materials was a big selling point. But more than that, the interface has clearly had some love and attention. I found it immediately easier to navigate than Scrivener and more aesthetically pleasing (possibly makes me shallow. But hey ho. If you’re staring at a screen for 9 hours a day, it should at least have the decency to look nice). It does everything else I need it to, so in the end I went for the option with the strongest combination of navigability, interface and organisational ease (and that didn’t annoy me by discriminating vs Mac users).

In answer to your question: from what I can see, you can export to a range of different file types (doc, docx, html, txt, rft etc), not just PDF.

Guys, it’s gonna happen.

True, we don’t know when. After all, this is still a VERY small business and they’ve got a lot on their plate. I’d be willing to bet that while their daydreams included being the dominant software in their category, I sure they didn’t expect it!

When you are the dominant software, people expect certain things from you that they might forgive in other publishers. I’m certain they feel that pressure every day, and it plays an enormous part in their decision making. Their releases have to be RIGHT! They won’t get the forgiveness from you guys that other vendors will get.

It’s not like the Windows version is bad, as near as I can tell, it’s still better than the other similar software titles available for Windows. Particularly when it comes to planning. So keep on writing that blockbuster novel, short story, or article!

Relax! It’ll happen!

Thank you for satisfying my curiosity. :slight_smile:

I’m a firm believer that if a tool fits facilitates your creativity & productivity, then it’s the right tool, even if only for a season.


I’m happily using the beta version 3 for Windows.

It’ll expire at the end of this month. And I’m hoping a new beta will replace it.

If that doesn’t happen, I’ll just export my dissertation back to the old version, and keep working there.

Version 1 in Windows was definitely worth the price. And if I didn’t know that version 3 for Mac existed, I’d remain a happy user. I far prefer the interface in the beta. And I dread returning to the old version. But that’s not because the old version is bad. It’s because the new one is amazing.