When pasting, align top left corner to mouse pointer?

I can’t be the only one who finds the positioning of pasted material an annoyance!

Currently, if I copy a portion of a Scapple diagram, when I paste, the Scapple aligns the centre of the pasted material with my mouse pointer. This makes positioning a bit hit and miss, and is different from what one would normally expect.

What you describe as the desired result here is unfamiliar to me. Conventionally, pasted material is placed at that click point, with the relative centre of the material. I’ve always considered this neutral placement tactic to be the best compromise, because any more biased placement would not always be optimal. You seem to be speaking from the perspective of one who generally expands a board down and right. I just as often expand up and left. A neutral point allows for more conditions.

Bear in mind though that the selection of the pasted material remains active so you can reposition it, as one would almost always need to do anyway—this is on purpose. Think of this like a two-stage paste, where the first stage lets you preview the placement, and the second stage lets you finalise the position and confirm. Only, with our model, you can opt out of stage two and just leave it be if the preview positioning is fine.

Lastly, if you are duplicating material within the same viewing area, you can drag from the original selection and hold down the Ctrl / Option key to duplicate at the drop point. This is by far the most precise and easy way to copy stuff precisely where you want it to be.

Egad, you’re right!

Or at least that’s what Inkspot (vector tool) .

However, I don’t think this is a very firmly established convention:

MS Paint 3D pastes over the original location, if visible, otherwise in the centre of the display. (Worst of both possible worlds!)

MS Paint pastes into the top left corner of the visible display.

Canva (very useful cover design tool) pastes over the original location, but offset right and down.