When Printing from Word after Exporting, the result only covers top left half of sheet

When I “Export” a File from Scrivener to Microsoft Word using the “doc.x” format, and then open it in Word, and use Ctrl-Print, to print it, the result does not cover the full sheet. It only covers around the top left sheet of the sheet.

I’ve checked the margins in Word; I’m using the default for Office. I can print other Word docs (that have not been exported from Scrivener) just fine.

One more thing. When I first open the exported file in Word, and the use Ctrl-P to get ready to print, the preview looks fine. But when I click to move from p.1 to p.2, the result is shrunk so it only fills the top left half of the sheet.

Can anyone help me with this? Thank you!

I’m assuming you mean “.docx” format.

What if you try using the Rich Text or the older Word “.doc” format? Both of these are openable in Word.

Also you could use Scrivener to compile just that one Scrivener file into any of the above formats, which might result in a different result.

Thank you so much for your suggestion. And Yes, I meant .docx.
I followed your advice, and tried using Rich Text Format. It worked once. But strangely, the next time I used RTF it again shrank the page so it only printed on the top left half of the sheet. I tried using an older version (.doc), but it would not copy the file in that format. It reverted to .rtf, and again shrank the page.
Let me know if you have any other thoughts. Thank you!

Dunno. As it’s a Word file, how Word displays the file is totally up to Word and probably has nothing to do with Scrivener. But maybe try searching this forum for other reports of this issue caused by Scrivener, if they exist. Surely if Scrivener is causing a problem, it would have been noticed by others. I don’t recall it being an issue.

I used every version of Word since the mid 1980’s. Aggressively sometimes. I haven’t touched it in a very long time and I’m not renewing my subscription.

You didn’t mention trying to “compile” to Word format(s).

Does the file display properly in Finder’s Preview? Can you successfully read the files with Apple’s Pages? Or if available to you work in LibreOffice?

Also, why are you doing this? Why not print the Scrivener document file direct from Scrivener?

You are being so helpful – thanks. And good question about why I’m printing in Word. I guess it’s because I’ve never figured out how to put page numbers on the top right of what I print in Scrivener. Any chance you could help me with that?

That’s what “compiling” is all about. I just did a search on the internet for “scrivener page numbers” and found previously written advice. Also probably in the User Guide somewhere and maybe covered in the Tutorial. Take a look.

Someone else here might know how to do it off the top of their head. I forget as I use a compile setup (years old using LaTeX) that has it all setup and I never change it so I’m kinda forgetful about where the page numbers are.