When Split at Selection Get Cursor into New Doc

When I use “Split at Selection” I want the cursor to default to the new doc. At present it ends up in the binder. Do we have a keyboard shortcut by which I can easily relocate that cursor to the doc editing pane?

That is just so you may confirm or modify the name of the newly created document.
The editor is already showing what came after the split. – The split point/last cursor position being at the top.

Just click in the editor where you want to go on from in your process.


Otherwise the shortcut/command would be : Navigate / Move focus to / Editor. (But I don’t see the point.)

This is an old bug, filed years ago. In the v3 design, with its greatly diminished dependency upon there being a formal title on binder items, you shouldn’t have your cursor pushed into a binder editing field unless you yourself put it there and pressed F2, or you created the new item from the binder. There are only a few places left like this.

At any rate, I definitely encourage getting used to the shortcuts in the Navigate ▸ Move Focus To submenu. Here is a longer thread on editor navigation, specifically about using the keyboard so you don’t lose your cursor position (which isn’t as important when splitting, but there are many times where it can be).

Thanks, AmberV. Actually, I discovered that if I split a doc once, then highlight the original and new docs in the binder, subsequent splits of that doc result in the cursor appearing exactly where I want it. I’ll also see if I can create a KB shortcut to move focus to the editor (if that’s an opton there). The old way was Shift-Tab or some such. I use the mouse/click as little as necessary. Because.

Yeah, it was Ctrl+Tab, which you can customise in the Keyboards options tab if you want, as I have done. That’s the easiest way to flip between views in my opinion, and the new default keyboard shortcut didn’t really work for me.

The option hook in Keyboard is, somewhat confusingly, “Move Focus to > Supporting Editor”.

OK. Now see that a shortcut already exists. I simply did not know where to look. I’m sorry to say that I’ve not been writing nearly as much as previously (dissertation). It can be months before I need to use a function that I used habitually in the past. I still love Scrivener, however! Thanks so much for your help, AmberV!

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No worries! Nice to see you around again.