When Switching From the NaNo to the Regular Version


I’ve been using the NaNoWriMo version of Scrivener, and I love the program. I am looking forward to December 5th to purchase the regular Windows version of Scrivener. I want to be certain that I don’t lose any of my writing, or research, when I make the switch. I’ve been reading the Scrivener thread on NaNoWriMo, but there are over 600 posts in that thread, and I want to make sure that I understand what I need to do.

I already back-up my Scrivener book, and export it, after every writing session I do on Scrivener. Is there anything else I will need to do before I change from the NaNoWriMo version to the regular version of Scrivener for Windows?

Also, I think I read in one of the posts on the NaNoWriMo Scrivener forum that I will be uninstalling the NaNoWriMo version, before installing the regular version after I purchase it. Will all the settings on the regular version be default, or will my custom settings transfer over once I open my .scriv novel file? Custom things such as my personal word list, my customization of the tool bar, and my custom colors I created for highlighting and labels.

Hi, and thanks for your interest in Scrivener! (And congrats on your 50K, as it sounds like you’re a winner! :slight_smile:) What you’ve read sounds correct: You’ll want to backup your projets first, meaning make some .zip copies of your complete projects, either by right-clicking the project’s .scriv folder in Windows Explorer and choosing “Send to \ compressed (zipped) folder” or by using File > Back Up Project… in Scrivener itself (and do that of course just before closing the project, so you have a backup that includes all your latest changes). Once you’ve done that, uninstall the NaNo version (which is a pre-1.0 beta) by running the uninstall.exe file in the Scrivener directory or using Programs & Features (or Add/Remove Programs) from the Windows Control Panel. Then download the latest 1.0 trial from here, save it, then open that saved location in Windows Explorer and run the installer.

The uninstall/reinstall process for going to 1.0 will reset the Options and any customized toolbars to their default settings, so you will need to redo this–for future updating you won’t generally have to go through this process, so all your customizations will stick, but we just want to make sure everything gets cleaned out from the earlier beta versions so there’s no glitch starting with 1.0. Your custom templates, personal word list, and any compile presets you’ve saved won’t get removed in the uninstall process, so you’ll still have those, and any project-specific settings are saved with the projects themselves (things like whether the label color is shown in the binder or keyword colors are displayed on the corkboard) so those won’t be affected either. Label and keyword colors are also all project-specific (or template-specific, if you created your own template after setting up some label colors), so they won’t be touched. The “Recent Projects” menu will get cleared, so you’ll need to use the standard “Open” menu (or “Open Existing Project”) to access each of your projects once before they reappear on that list. They’re probably all saved in your Documents folder, but if you chose another location and don’t remember where, you can use the Windows search feature to look for the project name or for “.scriv”, the extension used for project folders; you’ll be able to check the file properties on the results to see the full file path to where it’s stored on your drive.

I hope that helps clear things up, and welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response, and the congrats for my being a NaNoWriMo winner. :smiley:

After reading the information in your response, I created a custom template, and saved it as a template.