When syncing: only snapshot when synced docs are NEWER

I’m a heavy user of the syncing feature. I love it. I write on my iPhone and iPad daily with this feature.

There is just one step that is tedious for my use case.

I want to snapshot affected documents when the EXTERNAL files are newer. This basically means that I’ve made changes outside of Scrivener. In this case, I compare the snapshots and delete the old versions after approving the changes.

However, I don’t want new snapshots when Scrivener is NEWER than the external files. I basically don’t want to accumulate snapshots for every change I make INSIDE OF Scrivener.

The problem is that – for this to work the way I want – I have to continually check and uncheck the one checkbox in the Sync dialog “Take snapshots of affected documents…” And if I forget to uncheck this before closing the document, it will auto-sync and therefore auto-snapshot.

It would be great to have two settings… one for syncing outside changes and one for syncing inside changes.