When text has a label it doesn't appear in the compile window

I’m sure I’m just being dumb, but I’ve added labels to some of my text, but when I go in to compile, they do not appear as available. I’ve made sure to “include them in compile”. I’ve taken the label off and they have magically appeared, which is why I know it’s around the label that the issue is, but it doesn’t make sense, and would be an annoying work around if that was how it worked.

Any advice welcome!

Sorry to say, I don’t really understand what features you are referring to precisely. The word “Label” in Scrivener refers to the ability to add a colour tag to any item in the binder. By default these are generic: “green”, “blue”, etc.

And by default no compile output settings would include the label as printed text. You certainly add the label metadata into your output, but that’s something you need to customise yourself, and is a more advanced trick.

Let me know what you’re trying to do, include a screenshot if you aren’t sure what something is formally called, and I’ll try to help.

I think the issue is that documents that have labels are not included in the Compile.

Sounds to me like a Filter is set. Click the funnel icon at the top of the Contents list to see.


AH Thank you Katherine! That fixed it!

Very much appreciate the help!