When traveling w/out main .scriv file

My Scrivener project is on my desktop; I sync to folders in the cloud.

But… I’m going to be on a longggg flight without any wifi and my laptop that doesn’t have the .scrive file or the sync folder.

What’s the best way to work on several chapters of my novel?

Should I copy them or move them out of the cloud onto my laptop?
thanks in advance for your advice.


you want to sync your laptop too. it’s all synced, it’s all good

I would just copy the .scriv file to your laptop and then copy it back again when you get back. Alternatively, keep it in a Dropbox folder and ensure it is synced before you leave. Then you can work on it while you are away, and because the Dropbox folder is just a normal folder except when you are connected, when you get back it will just sync up again. (This assumes you know a bit about Dropbox and have an account.)

All the best,

Thank you for the advice.