When trying to open a file it goes to New Project

so my computer crashed and I saw a flicker of an error message… and now when I try to open the project file it either won’t open at all (if I click on recent projects) or if I do try to open from the file directly it opens to New Project. Anyone know what to do about this glitch?

Thanks in advance.

It looks like for some reason Scrivener cannot open any project for you. The Scrivener executable might be corrupted due to the crash. Try to re-install Scrivener and check your machine for viruses too.

Well actually yes it can. Sorry should have been more specific. All my other projects open fine. Just that one I have problems with. Would reinstalling help in any case?

I am afraid reinstalling will not help in this case. If you have a backup would be best. If not you might try archiving your project and contacting help support, asking kindly to review what’s wrong with your project and why it does not load within Scrivener. Let them know that your machine crashed, so that they are aware that some internal file might be corrupted. Depending on how big is the problem, there is 50/50 chance for you to get the project back into a working state. The files are still accessible inside the project Files/Docs subfolder, so all your text is most probably safe. It is the Binder structure, which is most probably corrupted, but it is possible to restore it in some cases.

Man thank you for telling me about the files! I had put so much work into it and the thought of losing all of that was kind of hard. I think since they’re all there I’ll just go ahead and make a new project with them. I appreciate the advice but since it’s the same information either way and that seems to be the only file corrupted I don’t really need a huge overhaul.

Thanks for the answer!