When using facing pages, is there a compile setting for a header/footer on facing pages in the front matter (first pages)?

This is for PDF for print for a novel. I format my facing pages with a header as follows:

Facing Pages (even numbered pages):
page# (left justified) AuthorName (centered)

Body Pages (odd numbered pages):
BookName (centered) page# (right justified)

In the Front Matter (first pages) I use roman lowercase numerals for page numbers, and in the main body (and back matter) I use Arabic numerals for the page numbers.

So, then. I see the Facing pages fields listed after the Main body fields in the list, but those fields are for the main body facing pages (I experimented and verified this). There don’t appear to be Facing pages fields for the front matter/first pages, and I have selected to use different header/footer settings on first pages—the First pages header/footer settings are listed (and work well, except that they appear on both left and right pages), but there are no Facing pages for the first pages. I haven’t tried selecting to use different header/footer for back matter, so I don’t know if the facing pages fields are also missing for back matter too.

As a workaround, I thought to just put my front matter as a folder in the main body in front of Chapter 1, but I can’t find how to restart page numbering (which I can use in the suffix after contents of the ‘front matter’ folder) so that the Arabic numeral page numbers start at page 1 on Chapter 1. I searched ‘page number in Scrivener 3’ online and ‘page number’ in the user manual but found nothing about restarting page numbering.

Any help would be appreciated on the facing pages in first pages thing or tips on restart page numbering for the workaround. Thanks.

I’ve asked this question, too.
Been using Python scripts as a work around for now.

I am not 100% sure, but it looks like you need File > Compile > Page Settings > Header and Footer Text (the tab at the right view) > Facing Pages (item in the list table). Make sure that you have selected PDF compile format.

Those Facing Pages header/footer text settings are only for the Main Body (even though they are not specifically labeled as such, and only say Facing Pages). As I explained, I tested those facing pages settings and they only affect pages in the main body. I need something like Front Matter Facing Pages settings where I can set headers/footers for only those pages.